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25 Jun 2017

Why Some Martial Arts Skills Fail to Work Successfully


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Posted By Jennie H.

Just about one of the most typical complaints of martial arts pupils is that a specific move fails to work properly. That is, when the move is performed in a competition, it fails to deliver the expected outcome. A number of trainers will react to the criticism by informing a student that they executed the technique incorrectly. Not only does this response enhance their confusion, but it's often incorrect and fails to address the root of the problem. Techniques generally are unsuccessful because the martial arts student does not have the core ingredients that are required to allow it to work. While that might seem to be clear, the problem is a great deal more complicated than most pupils and instructors comprehend.. In this short article, we'll take a closer look at the elements which are required to perform a given technique properly; you'll learn the reason why any technique or method may be carried out flawlessly, yet still neglect to create success.

The real key To Performance

To be able to understand why a martial arts technique which is executed perfectly can still fall apart, you need to distinguish between technique and the things that make it work. Let's use an example.. Think about an automobile. You might be accustomed to jumping behind the controls, cranking the motor, and traveling towards your desired destination. You've perfected the procedure of driving a car. But, imagine the car does not have fuel, brake fluid, motor oil, and transmission fluid. Suppose the tires are flat plus your alternator is failing. No matter how good you can execute the task of driving a car, crucial ingredients remain absent. And their absence will affect your overall performance. The same is true if you perform a martial arts technique. Going over the movements of a block or strike does not always mean the technique works. There are actually crucial factors that have to be present so that you can produce the expected outcomes. For instance, your reach, capability to generate energy, stance, and overall flexibility are crucial; if some of these seem to be lacking, you'll be much less successful.

Focusing Under Tension

It is really worth clarifying a significant point. Numerous martial arts trainers will subtly (and frequently, not so subtly) place the blame for the move's failure on the pupil. The trainer might declare that the pupil not only has learned the method, but in addition understands the components that make it effective. The problem (again, according to many instructors) could be that the pupil merely forgets how to bring these parts collectively under stress. This point is only semi-valid. To be sure, a martial arts student must be allowed to master a given move before executing it in a tournament or likewise tense circumstance; moreover, there might be some degree of falloff regarding accuracy. But, suggesting a student totally forgets the way to assimilate crucial components into a method indicates a partial failure on the part of the trainer. For example, suppose a close friend is badly injured; even although this is arguably a stressful scenario, you would not suddenly forget how to use your mobile phone to contact 9-1-1. Similarly, martial arts techniques, and the fundamental elements that make them work, must be learned to the point where they may be performed properly under stress. And a part of this responsibility sits with the teacher.

What is Missing?

The same as a technician who runs a diagnostic check on your car, you should approach each martial arts move as a technician. One lacking element can impede your overall performance and cause a technique to fall apart. For example, assume you're performing a block-strike combo. If your form and stance are perfect, yet your range lacks depth (even several inches), the body may be left vulnerable and the strike, much less effective

Martial arts tactics typically are unsuccessful because particular ingredients are lacking. Identify those ingredients and you will have significantly better success versus the competitors.


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